Lift Station

Lift Station – lift stations in septic systems are used to relocate waste from the home to a sewage treatment facility. Repairing of a lift station can include replacement of electric panels, floats and/or pumps.

Wastewater from your home or business might need to be pumped to a higher elevation so that the water can be correctly and safely treated. Wastewater from a septic generally uses a gravity flow downhill to a drainfield where the waste water is then leached back into the soil. If the area where your septic system is located is too flat, a lift station pump is used to get the water to the higher area where treatment of it is possible.

These lift station pumps need to be working all the time or your septic system simply won’t work. Our expert technicians here at Septic Pumping & Maintenance by Cody Young have the knowledge, training and ability to install, troubleshoot and replace your lift station pump if that is needed.

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