Perk Holes

Perk Holes – perk holes are dug before the design, to check the soil analysis so the best system for the site can be determined. This is done so that we can test how fast or slow the proposed location will allow water to soak into the ground. In some cases, the soil may have a heavy clay concentration for instance and not allow good drainage at all. If a septic drainage field is located in this type of location, the results will not be satisfactory and septic backups will occur quickly.

In cases where good soil drainage cannot be achieved "down hill" from the septic tank's location (so gravity can be used), a different type of pumping setup must be used. In cases such as this, what is called a grinder pump may be used. This basically pumps the sewage uphill to your drainage field's location - where the soil conditions were tested and found to have much better drainage properties. Septic Pumping & Maintenance by Cody Young is here to help solve all your septic needs. We are centrally based out of Kingsland and serve all of central Texas.


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