Grease Trap Pumping

Grease Trap Pumping - grease is one of the most common reasons that sewer lines plug up. These repairs can be expensive but can also be prevented a lot of the time by cleaning the tanks regularly. Commercial grease traps should be pumped every three months. Grease trap tanks should be cleaned by a licensed waste hauler who can dispose of the waste in a proper legal way.

Grease traps are designed to intercept grease and oil that is in the wastewater in kitchens - before that water reaches your sewer lines. Traps work because oil and grease are lighter than water so they float on top. A functioning grease trap will catch this grease utilizing a series of “baffles.” Grease traps all eventually need to be cleaned as the grease buildup will become too thick.

Many restaurants and others in the food service industry, need to schedule regular grease trap cleanings. If you want your commercial kitchen to stay up to snuff, it’s important to keep your drain lines free of grease clogs. A backup is bad for your business and your cash flow.

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