Root Removal

Root Removal – root removal requires digging up the lid of your septic tank, removing it, pumping of the tank and then actually getting into the tank and cutting and removing all the roots. The lid is then reinstalled and resealed.

Trees are hearty and can survive the harshest of weather conditions each year. Their roots are not any different. These tough extensions of the tree grow constantly throughout the tree's lifetime to enhance the tree's stability and it's ability to find and absorb nutrients.

During Spring and Summer is when most tree roots grow the fastest. While this root spread isn't super fast, it is persistent and insidious in a unique way. Trees planted in a back yard for instance have an uncanny way of slowly seeking out and finding your septic system.

This attraction to septic fields for tree roots is due to the high levels of moisture in most septic fields. Tree roots are able to somehow locate the pipes on a septic system and then weasel their way inside them. Unfortunately, as the roots grow into a tank and then expand, they can block the passage of water or even cause the pipe or tank to burst.

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