Quarterly Maintenance

Our maintenance contracts are fulfilled in house and our licensed technicians will perform thorough maintenance services on your septic to ensure efficiency and longevity of your septic system. We communicate with the local regulatory authority on your behalf so everyone can rest easy knowing the system is safe, efficient, and economical. Let us custom fit a quarterly maintenance program that adheres to your lifestyle and not have to make your lifestyle adhere to your septic system.

Quarterly Maintenance Contract – aerobic septic systems require quarterly maintenance to stay healthy and viable in the long run. Discounts are given on repairs to owners that have their maintenance contract with us. We offer a discounted price on a second maintenance contract, when we are servicing more than one system for the same owner.

Properly performed maintenance which includes routine pumping, will help maintain the efficiency of your septic system as well as prolong its lifespan.

When necessary, our service technicians will pump your septic tank all the way to the bottom, removing the solid waste accumulations that can clog up your draining system if allowed to accumulate.

We don't push any particular maintenance schedule, what we do is figure out the best routine for your system based on your tank's size, your usage, and a few other factors which can affect the overall performance.

Your system should be pumped on a regular basis though. You can help improve its longevity and efficiency by conserving water when possible. Doing a dozen loads of laundry all in one sitting is not a good idea! It is much better to try and space out water usage throughout each day and week so as to allow your system to settle out and leach correctly. Additionally if you can compost your garbage rather than use a disposal, so much the better.

You should NOT allow excess amounts of grease or fats to enter your septic. Do not allow heavy equipment or trucks to drive over the system. Stagger your water use such as laundry and showers. Don’t plumb water softener systems into your septic tank. That wastewater should go elsewhere because it can destroy the bacterial action in the tank.

Don't use large amounts of detergents, bleach or chemical drain cleaners or laundry soap. Large amounts of these can kill the friendly bacteria in your septic that makes your system function properly. Don't ignore any plumbing leaks - including dripping faucets and toilets that keep running. These can quickly saturate your system so always try to get these problems fixed quickly.

Septic Pumping & Maintenance by Cody Young is centrally based in Kingsland and serves all of central Texas. We can handle all aspects of a septic installation from initial inspection and perk holes to design, permitting, installation, maintenance and repair.

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Emergency service is available 24/7. Please call our office at 325-248-8740 and we will work with you to provide the necessary help to repair the problem quickly and efficiently.