Grease Trap

Grease Trap Contract – we offer grease trap pumping contracts for a discounted price. This includes scheduling the pumping to be done quarterly, so the owner does not have to contact us each time.

Grease traps are especially important in commercial kitchens, catering services, and restaurants as the volume of processed food has the potential of introducing large amounts of grease into the sewage lines. Grease traps play an important part in protecting sewage systems and also the environment for commercial kitchens and other food operations.

Grease traps range in size from 8 gallons to hundreds of gallons, are normally located outside in the ground near a commercial kitchen’s basement or dishwashing station. Proper maintenance of grease traps is important any food business to ensure smooth drain operation as well as compliance with local regulations.

There are many ways that a non-functioning grease trap can adversely affect your business. Without proper maintenance, a grease trap can leak fats and oils into the sewage system. These oils and fats later cool down and then solidify inside the sewage pipelines, potentially causing blockages and sewage back-up into the kitchen. This scenario will impact the sanitation level of the kitchen, in addition to a probably long downtime plus the unexpected expenses for plumbing repairs.

Additionally most local authorities have rules and regulations in place regarding the operation of restaurants and catering services. They will impose fines on entities that fail to meet certain requirements regarding use of their sewer system, and/or that threaten the environment.

In order to ensure proper grease trap operation, there are a number of maintenance steps that need to be followed: identifying as well as recognizing all grease trap maintenance requirements. Seeking out grease trap services from professionals and use caution and preventive maintenance rather than waiting until a grease trap malfunctions. Reactive actions will cause you much more inconvenience as well as additional expense. Lastly, informing and training all your kitchen personnel on the importance of correct grease trap operation and use.

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