Septic Repair

Septic Repair - Septic Pumping & Maintenance by Cody Young has the expertise, experienced technicians and equipment to handle any type of septic repair emergency. We do field flushing, pump repairs and/or replacements, aerator repair, root removal, lift station repair and sewer line cleaning. If is has anything to do with a septic system, call us and we will show you how professionals handle things!

Septic Pumping & Maintenance by Cody Young is centrally based in Kingsland and serves all of central Texas. We can handle all aspects of a septic installation from initial inspection and perk holes to design, permitting, installation, maintenance and repair.

Contact us today for all your septic requirements!

Emergency service is available 24/7. Please call our office at 325-248-8740 and we will work with you to provide the necessary help to repair the problem quickly and efficiently.

Septic Repair Services