Conventional Septic System - most commonly there are two types of conventional septic systems, pipe and gravel or leaching chamber. When space is limited, a leaching chamber drainfield is preferred, as most jurisdictions will allow a reduction in field size so it is easier to fit onto a smaller foot print. These types of systems tend to be more economical because you can avoid the extra cost of hauling in washed gravel. Pipe and gravel systems have been used for a long time and are still installed today. They do not typically have allowance for a reduction in field size and can be ideal for larger spaces where gravel is affordable. Both systems can only be installed if soil conditions are suitable.

A conventional septic system is a decentralized wastewater treatment system which consists of a septic tank and a trench or drainfield. A conventional septic system is typically installed for a single-family home or small commercial location. The name "Conventional" - is referring to the construction of the drainfield.

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