Aerator Repair

Aerator Repair – when a septic system goes down due to a failing aerator, the aerator needs to be repaired or replaced ASAP. We have aerators and repair parts in stock so we can get the system back up and running before backups happen. Our technicians are trained in the repair and replacement of aerators, pumps and all other aspects of septic system installation, maintenance and repair.

Normally your first indication that there is a problem and you may need aerator repair is the septic system alarm will sound. The alarm does not always mean that the aerator is failing. The alarm is similar to the “check engine” light in your vehicle and it is telling you to have things checked out by a pro.

The most common reasons for an alarm sounding can be:
1) The loss of power due to a tripped circuit breaker of possibly a more severe reason.
2) Failure of the sewage pump which allows water to rise inside your system and triggering the alarm.
3) Insufficient air pressure for the aerator to oxygenate your system.
4) A broken timer in your system.
5) A clogged diffuser preventing the discharge of fluids help by the system.

If your septic system alarm sounds, we suggest that you silence the alarm and then check the circuit breaker. If this is not the cause, contact us immediately for service. Aerobic septic system problems can compound fast so don't wait to call.

Septic Pumping & Maintenance by Cody Young is centrally based in Kingsland and serves all of central Texas. We can handle all aspects of a septic installation from initial inspection and perk holes to design, permitting, installation, maintenance and repair.

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Emergency service is available 24/7. Please call our office at 325-248-8740 and we will work with you to provide the necessary help to repair the problem quickly and efficiently.